Small guide for tourist in Moscow for our Tournament

As far as I know Moscow is a very pleasant and nice city. At least last 20 years of my life prove it to be worth place to live. However as any other megalopolis it has its own drawbacks and disappointment. Here I will try to help t to get in trouble while visiting our tournament and save some money for Jackpots and other events.

First of all don’t change cash in airport. OR change not more than 50 euro . Exchange rate is the worst in airport/ It’s usually better to have some money on credit card and cash out 3000 to 5000 rubles (1 euro is approximately 73 rubles).

Don’t take cab in airport. There are 2 convenient methods if you want a taxi – use Uber (russian editin) or Yandex taxi service which you can download from app store or playmarket . It will cost you from 1000 to 1500 rubles (15-23 euro) while taking a cab could benefit in amount several times higher. The difficulty that most drivers don’t speak English however all you need to tell him are number of pillar you are standing (in most airports there are lanes or pillars) . Info about the car is normally shown in application. The address of Marian Hall is Moscow Region, Balashikha, quarter Shitnikovo 36 (in Russian Московская Область, г. Балашиха, квартал Щитниково, д. 36). Hotel phone is +74956406063 . My phone in case of emergency is + 79262685187

You can also use express trains from airports which will take you for 40 minutes to the center of Moscow, where you can take a subway to Shchelkovskaya station. From Schelkovskaya buses №283, №716, №383, № 516, №447 will take you to Schitnikovo stop. Hotel is 50 meters after the stop.

Try to change money before the tournament using official exchange places and ask the amount you will have for the amount you plan to change. If it is much lower than official exchange rate don’t change. And dont miss sightseeing in Moscow on Thursday 3. It will be fun ro visit any place from our list and maybe we can manage to visit 2 in a row – that would be Great!

Расскажите о нас :)